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About the Author


Davina Rush was born in Northwest Florida, 1978. She has traveled all across the United States, collecting inspiration for her writing and art along the way. In 2003, she moved from Florida to Massachusetts and later to Tennessee, before returning to settle once more on the beautiful Emerald Coast with her two daughters. During her time in Tennessee, Davina attended Chattanooga State College, where she studied art and literature. These two subjects have been a constant passion throughout all of her life; from elementary school to college and later continuing her practice and studies independently. Her biggest literary influences are Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Susan Hill and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Her greatest artistic influences include Tim Burton, Vincent van Gogh and Lori Earley.

Davina enjoys oil painting and assemblage art, though her main career focus is in writing and ink-illustration. Her current publications include four educational coloring books; "The Creatures of Greek Mythology", "The Creatures of Classic Horror", "Famous Painters in Art History" and her own version of “Alice in Wonderland”. She is currently working on Volume 2, “Through the looking glass”, which will be available later this summer. With many irons in the fire, Davina has another project in the works along with her many coloring books; a short story anthology which will debut later this year. The anthology is one of Supernatural Horror and includes her stories, “Hotel California”, “Shadow Man” and “Hale House”. For more information or to contact the author, please join her at Facebook.com/DavinaRush and at Twitter.com/DavinaRush

With her passion for writing, Davina founded the group, “FWB Writers”, bringing together over 20 aspiring authors like herself in the Fort Walton Beach area. She greatly enjoys supporting her fellow writers and created the group in hopes of building a creative community for authors like herself and others, where one did not previously exist. The group can be joined online at Facebook.com/groups/FWBwriters. All members live in or near Fort Walton and interact online, as well as in person at meetings. The group is open to writers of all genres and all age groups in the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area. She looks forward to developing the group further to include local writing retreats, workshops and more.

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